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This world has got me feel­ing oh so blue,

And I don’t know what to do,

That’s why I had to run to you and I know your love is gonna bring me through,

‘Cause I’m blue, and the pain is to much to move,

That’s why I had to bring this truck to you,

And I know that there’s a way that we can make it through

Man­dem played this in the stu­dio I asked them what to write about,

Fixes to soci­et­ies prob­lems that’s what my life’s about,

easy, I do this on the daily,

and call me crazy but one day I think the radio will play me,

Are they more con­cerned who’s hav­ing babies with Jay Z,

Media be going Gaga for that lady,

Are these our role mod­els, let’s pop some more bottles,

Get behind the wheel and hit the road full throttle,

Meta­phor what are you fol­low­ing for,

Them people fol­lowed their dreams why ain’t you fol­low­ing yours,

Don’t try and tell me you are with Molly up in your jaw,

Until you heard it in a rap didn’t know Molly before,

You don’t care for your life but do you care for your kids though,

If there was a heaven do you care if your kids go,

Tryna kick the bucket don’t you care for your kinfolk,

Fail­ing life’s test you never glared at the info…

Hope­less so what’s the pur­pose it’s curtains,

People are worth­less worms who’ve for­got­ten what the earth is,

We serve this planet it was writ­ten like these verses,

Be open for change like you never closed your purses,

Turn over a new leaf like the thing you wrap you’re herbs with,

Intel­lec­tual, prone to use my brain like a nerd is,

But lack the social awk­ward­ness you smell me like an orchid it’s,

Bliss dig­ging you divs like a ditch you never thought of this,

Lack of human­ity haunt­ing the thought is daunting,

Smal­lest por­tion of con­sid­er­a­tion for the world our kids are brought in,

If I’m destined to be a mar­tyr believe I’m all in,

The youth are yearn­ing for guid­ance believe I hear them calling,

I bring the storm in accord­ing to my recordings,

Scorch like the human torch go to war for the cause I’m talking,

People are los­ing focus ignor­ant to what’s important,

Caught in the jaws of ore how they’re fall­ing is so appalling.

New Post has been published on I Am Hip-Hop Magazine

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Documentary: Hip Hop On The Front Line @PotentOfficial

Lon­don Hip Hop Artist Releases Anti-War Documentary

Fol­low­ing on from col­lab­or­a­tions with UK music legends Rebel MC and Alabama3; BRIT School gradu­ate Potent Whis­per con­tin­ues to act­ively sup­port the bridge between music and politics.

‘Just Won­der­ing: The Dis­cus­sion’ is the second install­ment of a two-part pro­ject, suc­ceed­ing the Hip Hop track ‘Just Won­der­ing’; released in June this year. The anti-war song, which acquired over 10,000 hits on You­Tube, lyr­ic­ally con­tained a total of forty ques­tions sur­round­ing war. ‘Just Won­der­ing: The Dis­cus­sion’ is an amal­gam­a­tion of inter­views that attempt to answer the ques­tions in the ori­ginal song.

“Stand­ing at the one-hundred year anniversary of WWI, it may well be an appro­pri­ate time to not only raise ques­tions, but col­lect­ively seek some answers to the grim real­ity of war”


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New Post has been published on I Am Hip-Hop Magazine

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The Temple of Hip Hop 16 Bar Challenge (@TOHHNYC )

The Temple of Hip Hop 16 Bar Chal­lenge invite emcees to share their thoughts on police bru­tal­ity, in an attempt to cre­ate a world-wide emcee cipher on a sub­ject that has an deep impact on our com­munit­ies and culture.

Emcees are invited to share their thoughts, ideas, and exper­i­ences in rela­tion to police bru­tal­ity by:

  • Record­ing a video of them­selves recit­ing a 16 bar rhyme on the subject
  • Post the video in The temple of Hip Hop NYC Face­book page https://www.facebook.com/TempleOfHipHopNyc
  • Using the hashtag #TOHH16BarChallenge
  • Issu­ing the chal­lenge to 3 other emcees
  • Emcees are asked to respond within 72 hours
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